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Feasibility Studies and Business Plan
A sustainable project will require a thorough study, which contains a realistic plan for marketing, financing and implementation. I have the experience.

Examples of experience:

  • Feasibility Study for Cheese dairy in Dordrecht, Eastern Cape, South Africa
    (For Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Germany)
  • Business Plan for dairy in Ennerdale, Soweto, South Africa
    (For Land Bank, South Africa)
  • Participated in working out 10 years Strategic Master Plans for the development of the dairy sector in Nepal, Thailand and Uganda
    (Supported by DANIDA for The Governments of those countries)
  • Technical Due Diligence Report for dairy in Amman, Jordan
    (Prepared for a Kuwaiti investor)
  • Feasibility Study for dairy in Medina, Saudi Arabia

  • Feasibility Study for farm dairy in Kuwait

- Owner of Anneberg Consult established 1985